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Prag News and Jonack TV Removed by d2h

Prag News” is a regional news channel based in Assam, India. It was launched in 2008 and broadcasts news and current affairs programs in Assamese and English languages. The channel covers a wide range of news, including politics, sports, entertainment, business, and international news. While on another side “Jonack TV” is an Assamese Entertainment Channel that is now no longer available on the “d2h” platform due to carriage deal issues.

Prag News was available on d2h on channel number 1995 and Jonack TV on channel number 1963. Both channels are Free to Air FTA from the broadcaster and it’s removed by d2h due to payment issues. If the payment is paid again then channels will be re-added again. If you still want to watch all these channels then shift to Dish TV signals and enjoy maximum North-East Region channels.

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