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Taaza TV started on GSAT 30 C Band

Hindi Free to Air Regional News channel dedicated to Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal Subscribers, “Taaza TV” is now started its Transmission from GSAT 30 at 83* east. C Band satellite. Earlier it was available from Intelsat 20 at 68.5 east on Transponder Frequency: 4090, Polarity: Horizontal (H), Symbol Rate: 14368.

So C Band satellite Subscribers need to change their satellite alignment towards 83* east GSAT 30 for Taaza TV channel. Taaza TV is available as Free to Air on Transponder Frequency: 3981, Polarity: Horizontal (H), Symbol Rate: 4216. Taaza TV is available on some cable TV Platforms. Many subscribers use C Band Satellites at home for New channel tracking, now everyone who uses c band dish, Cable TV operators and Direct Home DTH services have to downlink signals from GSAT 30 satellite for this channel.

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