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Tata Play to shift to GSAT-24 Satellite from 7 August

Direct-to-Home DTH operator “Tata Play” is ready to expand its Transponder Capacity with the launch of GSAT-24 a dedicated satellite for Tata Play (formerly TataSky). Tata Play MD and CEO Harit Nagpal confirmed the satellite would go live on the 7th of August, Monday midnight. The satellite will increase its channel carrying capacity, and improve signal reception and picture and audio quality for viewers. Further said that this meant that if we wanted to expand capacity, we had to wait for the satellite and then for it to go to our orbital slot. If it wasn’t designed for an orbital slot of a specific geography, it wouldn’t be effective in the fringe areas of that geography. For instance, we used a satellite earlier that could not cover Andamans, another one whose reach in the northeast wasn’t very strong,”

Tata Play and GSAT-24 was made nearly a decade ago when Isro first mooted such a model. “About 7-8 years ago, Isro reached out to platforms and asked for requirements over the next 10 years. We bid for this satellite then and Isro built it for our needs, which is covering all areas of India from our orbital slot. That’s the advantage of having a custom-built satellite. It covers Andamans, Lakshadweep, the northeast, Kashmir, and every part of India. From our end, we’ve signed off on the life of the satellite and committed to pay for it until its life ends,” Nagpal said. On how customers could benefit, Nagpal, while reiterating that additional satellite provides additional bandwidth, said the firm already had 24 dedicated transponders which give its customers 600+ channels and services.

“We can relay a channel from a satellite but give it less bandwidth, but the picture won’t be sharp, the sound will lack clarity and even a little bit of atmospheric disturbance could lead to disruption. But if you give adequate bandwidth for each channel then the picture quality, stability and sound all improve,” he said. With GSAT-24 Satellite, Tata Play will see a 50% enhancement in capacity which will provide two things: First, it can carry 50% more channels (900 from the current 600). Second, it can dedicate even more bandwidth to each channel, making the quality and stability even better.

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