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Asianet Movies HD added on d2h

Asianet Movies HD is a popular Indian television channel that primarily airs movies from various genres, including Malayalam, Tamil, and other regional languages. It is a part of the Asianet Communications Limited network, one of the leading media companies in Kerala, India. “Asianet Movies HD” has now signed an agreement with the Direct to Home DTH operator “d2h” to launch the channel. Asianet Movies HD was launched in March April 2023 and after a few months it is now available exclusively on d2h.

To watch, Asianet Movies HD on d2h, tune into channel number 3152. This is paid by the broadcaster so every subscriber of d2h has to pay an ala carte price of Rs.19/- per month + 18% GST. This channel is also available for Dish TV (ST-2) alignment subscribers.

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