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DARE Channel to Launch in July 2024 in the USA

New Free OTA TV Channel ‘DARE‘ Launching in July 2024. Dare Channel will be receivable with a TV antenna and feature shows from A&E Networks, including Pawn Stars,
Counting Cars, Swanmp People, among others. Dare launches across 80% of TV antenna markets from July 1st.

We are thrilled to partner with A+E Networks and offer value-conscious consumers a differentiated and world-class reality channel delivered for free, over-the- air,”

Free TV Networks is capitalizing on the resurgence of over-the-air viewing, the rise of diginets, and the rapid growth in ad- supported streaming channels. Today, nearly one in three U.S. households about 35 million homes have a digital antenna, with the market projected to surpass 50 million U.S. households by 2027. For more information, please visit

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