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Philo TV Launching 70 Ad-Free TV Channels

Philo TV (American Internet Television Service) Raising Prices, adding a free FAST TV Channels tier with DVR Service. Starting June 12th, subscription streaming TV service Philo TV announced in a press release that they will be offering a free ad-supported TV streaming service with a DVR function that offers over
70+ live TV channels available to everyone with no payment information required.

They also raised prices on their TV streaming package starting from June 12th, the price has increased from 25$ to 28$ a month but will include AMC Plus as a part of the new package deal, called the Core package.

Another way we have been working to bring more value to our customers is by expanding the number of free channels we offer as part of Philo’s service. We currently have a curated selection of 70+ Free TV channels from reality to music, news to classic TV with more to be added later. To Know More, please click on the link: Philo TV

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