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DD Free Dish 58 e Auction| DD Free Dish 58 e Auction date

Prasar Bharati invites applications for allotment of MPEG-2 slots of DD Free Dish Platform for the period from 01.04.2022 to 31.03.2023 through 4th annual DD Free Dish 58 e Auction to be held on 7th March 2022.

The e-auction will be conducted in accordance with policy guidelines for allotment of DPD Free Dish slots, notified on 15.01.2019 and as amended vide amendment notified on 30.03.2019, 01.11.2020& 22.02.2021 which are available on the website http://prasarbharati.gov.in

DD Free Dish e Auction for MPEG-2 slots

DD Free Dish 58 e Auction

Only satellite channels licensed by the Ministry of l8&8 would be allowed to participate in the e-auction. Only companies holding valid permission from Ministry of 1&B or their authorized distributor partners can apply for participation in e-auction for allocation of DD Free Dish slot.

In case the applicant company is other than licensee, the document/agreement signed between license Holder Company and applicant company authorizing the applicant/bidder for distribution of the channel and bidding on behalf of the licensee must be submitted.

International Public Broadcasters licensed by the Ministry ofI & B can also participate in e-auction.

Categorization of TV channels in different buckets in accordance with genres/language of channel and their starting reserve price for the allotment period will be as below:

DD Free Dish 58 e Auction Result

Bucket Genre/language of channel

Starting reserve price annum (Rs. Crore)

* Bucket A+

All GEC (Hindi) Channels.

15.0 Crore

* Bucket A

All Movie (Hindi) Channels.

12.0 Crore

Bucket B

All Music (Hindi) Channels, Sports (Hindi) Channels. General Entertainment Channels (Bhojpuri), Movies (Bhojpuri) and Teleshopping (Hindi) channels.

10.0 Crore

Bucket C

News& Current Affairs (Hindi) Channels, News & Current Affairs (English) and News & Current Affairs Punjab) Channels.

7.0 Crore

Bucket D

All other remaining Genre (Language) Channels.

6.0 Crore

Bucket R1

Devotional (Spiritual/AAYUSH Channels)

3.0 Crore

DD Free Dish e Auction Terms and Conditions

Broadcasters desirous of allotment of slot on DD Free Dish are required to provide clear and unambiguous proof in support of genre classification of their channel. In case of lack of clarity, ambiguity or conflicting information, applications will be deemed ineligible and may be summarily rejected.

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