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Dish TV-d2h Launches DV-5710 Model Set Top Box

Direct to Home DTH operator “Dish TV-d2h” Launches its New Generation Set Top Box with model “DV-5710 HD” compatible with both Dish TV and d2h Signals. If a customer wants to get a Dish TV or d2h connection then the same set top box will be installed as the company is now manufacturing the same model for both DTH brands. Dish TV comes with 650+ SD and HD Television Channels for North and Rest of India Customers and d2h has 550+ channels for South India Customers.

Dish TV DV-5710 HD Set Top Box is a device used to receive and decode standard definition SD and high-definition HD satellite television signals. It is typically used in conjunction with a satellite dish to provide access to a wide range of digital TV channels. Dish TV uses SES-8 Satellite for North and Rest of India, while on the other side, d2h uses ST-2 satellite for South India.

This new Dish TV-d2h DV-5710 HD Set Top Box offers various features, including:

1. High Definition (HD) Capability: It supports high-definition video and audio, allowing you to enjoy a superior visual and audio experience compared to standard definition.

2. Digital Signal Reception: The set-top box receives digital signals from the satellite dish, ensuring clear and high-quality transmission of TV channels.

3. Channel Lineup: Dish TV offers a diverse range of channels, including entertainment, sports, news, movies, music, and more. The specific channel lineup may vary depending on the subscription plan you choose.

4. Electronic Program Guide (EPG): The set-top box provides an on-screen program guide that displays information about the current and upcoming TV programs. It allows you to easily browse through channels, view program schedules, and set reminders for your favorite shows.

5. Interactive Features: Some Dish TV set-top boxes offer Active Service Channels like Koran Drama Active, Zindagi Active, Comedy Active, Hollywood Indie Active, Jyotish Duniya, Music Active, Kids Active etc. For enhancing your TV viewing experience.

6. Recording and Time-shifting: Depending on the model, the set-top box may offer features like recording and time-shifting. This allows you to record TV shows and movies for later viewing or pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV. This recording feature has priced at Rs.50/- per month.

7. Parental Controls: Dish TV set-top boxes often include parental control features, allowing you to restrict access to certain channels or content based on ratings or specific time periods.

8. Connectivity Options: Set-top boxes usually come with various connectivity options such as HDMI Port, USB Port, and AV ports, enabling you to connect to external devices like TVs, home theater systems, and USB storage devices.

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