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Dish TV added 14 New Channels on 1st April

Asia’s Largest Direct to Home DTH Brand “Dish TV” Launches 14 New Channels on its Platform with effect from 1st April 2023 Onwards. Almost all channels are added from DD Free Dish Transponder Frequency as both DTH satellites are near so Dish TV Subscribers also get benefits of it and all upcoming new channels of DD Free Dish will also be part of Dish TV. Out of 14 Channels, Four Channels have been added by Dish TV from its Transponder which has been removed by DD Free Dish due to not winning the slot in the recently held 66th and 67th annual e-Auction process.

Dish TV and its sub-brand Zing Super FTA Box also gave 14 New Channels to its Subscribers at no extra cost. The New Channels are Star Gold Thrills, Goldmines Movies, Zee Hindustan, Dhinchaak, Dharam Sandesh, Sadhna TV, News 24, Popular TV, Unique TV, Nazara Channel, Aastha Tamil, and more. To Know about New channels please scroll down as we updated new channel details with their respective channel numbers.

Zee Hindustan added on Channel Number 654

Zee Hindustan on Dish TV

News 24 added on Channel Number 661

News 24 on dish tv

Sadhna TV added on Channel Number 1059

Sadhna TV on Dish TV

Dharam Sandesh added on Channel Number 1107

Dharam Sandesh channel on dish tv

Star Gold Thrills added on Channel Number 4005

Star Gold Thrills on dish tv

Azaad added on Channel Number 4007

Azaad added on dish tv

Bansal News MP/CG added on Channel Number 4009

Bansal News on dish tv

Dil Se Movies added on Channel Number 4017

Dil se movies channel on dish tv

Goldmines Movies added on Channel Number 4021

Goldmines Movies on Dish TV

MH ONE Dil Se added on Channel Number 4023

Mh one dil se on dish tv

Nazara added on Channel Number 4024

Nazara added on dish tv

Popular TV added on Channel Number 4029

Popular TV on dish tv

Aastha Tamil added on Channel Number 4030

Aastha Tamil on dish tv

Unique TV added on Channel Number 4033

unique tv on dish tv1909687305463559332

Dhinchaak added on Channel Number 4065

Dhinchaak on dish tv

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