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Disney+ Hotstar lost 20.9 million subscribers

Disney Star India Private Limited’s popular Over the Top OTT platform “Disney+ Hotstar” paid base decreased by 24 percent to 40.4 million from 52.9 million in the preceding quarter, according to Walt Disney’s Q3 figures. Disney Hotstar Average Monthly Revenue Per Paid Subscriber remained unchanged at $0.59. Disney+ Hotstar lost 4.6 million subscribers in Quarter 2 and 3.8 million subscribers in Quarter 1. Disney+ Hotstar lost 20.9 million subscribers.

The Disney+ Hotstar app is available in India and certain other Southeast Asian countries. “Disney+ Hotstar subscribers declined this quarter as we adjusted our product from one centered around the IPL to one more balanced with other sports and entertainment offerings,”

“I would also note that this business, with its significantly lower ARPU compared to core Disney+, is not a material component of our overall D2C financial results,” he added. On being asked about the company’s international streaming strategy, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company is looking at multiple markets around the world to prioritize those that are going to help it turn streaming into a profitable business.

There are some markets where we may not have a service at all. And there are others that we’ll consider, I’ll call them, high-potential markets where we’ll invest nicely for local programming, marketing, and full-service content in those markets,”. The company’s revenue from the international channels business decreased by prioritizing results decreased to a loss of $87 million from an income of $166 million.

The decrease in operating results was primarily due to low advertising revenue and, to a lesser extent, an unfavorable foreign exchange impact. The decrease in advertising revenue was due to lower rates attributable to Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket programming. The two main reasons for the reduction in subscribers have been the loss of the Indian Premier League (IPL) digital rights and the non-renewal of the HBO contract.

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