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Tata Play is going to shift to GSAT-24 Satellite

India’s Premium Direct to Home DTH Service Provider “Tata Play” also known as “Tata Sky” is going to take the entire capacity of the upcoming New Ku Band Satellite “GSAT-24” to run services in India. Currently, Tata Play uses GSAT-10 Ku Band frequencies to downlink TV channels for its subscribers. As of now, Tata Play gives around 600+ TV channels and services including 90+ HD channels. GSAT-24 will be a new Ku band satellite with 24 Ku Band Transponders. To give more number of TV Channels in Both SD and HD. All transponders have been booked by Tata Play.

Tata Play started its services in the year 2006 with just 50+ Satellite TV channels and now Tata Play is the only DTH operator with a Maximum Number of TV channels and services in both SD and HD. Every user wants their most demanded channels but Tata Play is unable to launch them due to less capacity in current frequencies. Now they hired GSAT-24 satellite for the next 15 years to give the best entertainment to its subscribers.

GSAT-24 satellite will run at 83* east longitude and the satellite has not yet reached 83* east orbit. We have to wait for another some months to start its services for Tata Play DTH. Once launched, this new satellite will work for the next 15 years.

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