FoodXP Channel in India Pictures

India’s only Traveling channel TravelXP has launched its food channel FoodXP in India. The channel has been launched on March 1, 2022, with an aim to provide innovative food items to food enthusiasts. Continuing the success and legacy of Travelxp’s original programming, FoodXP was first launched in the UK on SKY in August 2019 to deliver food-based content, according to the company.  Today we show you FoodXP Channel in India Pictures. channel emphasizes diverse cuisines and talented, upcoming Indian chefs.

The channel said that FoodXP has gained huge popularity among Indians as well as local residents of the UK.  As per its claims, within a span of 2 years, FoodXP has become one of the top 10 most-watched food channels in the UK and also received the award for “The Best Asian Food Channel” in the UK in December 2021.

FoodXP Channel shows

With over 1000 shows, the channel offers a variety of cuisines covering delicious cuisines from Asia, Europe, America, and around the world.  Be it an appetizer or main course or even dessert, there is a recipe for all moods and occasions.

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One of FoodXP’s distinguishing features includes real-time meal creation, meaning that recipes are created in one lump sum while the episodes are shot.  This feature facilitates users to get real-time insights into recipes.

The team comprises some of the best, talented, young, and experienced chefs including Ajay Chopra, Harpal Sokhi, Vicky Ratnani, Neha Deepak Shah, Kriti Physika, and others.  The channel will be launched with shows like ‘Mix Masala’ by Chef Ajay Chopra, ‘Food Fiesta’ by Chef Kriti Physics, ‘Kuch Teeka Kuch Meetha’ by Chef Neha Shah, ‘The Royal Taste’ by Chef Marwan Vinayak, etc. FoodXP is an indication of what kind of content audiences are looking for,  food adventures, how-to videos, delicious food recipes, and more.

FoodXP Channel Pictures and Availability

FoodXP Channel in India Pictures

Nisha Chothani, Director, TravelXP, said, “With FoodXP, we are globally recognized for 100% original programming that is relevant, experiential, and informative to audiences. We aim to make FoodXP the default destination for foodies.  Just like TravelXP did with Travel.” FoodXP is currently available on Jio TV in India and it’s Coming Soon on DTH as well as on Cable Platforms.

Foodxp launched in India

 Geetika Jain, Creative Director, FoxP, said, “Food is the only thing that connects people from different cultures. We launched FoodXP with the vision to promote Indian food and talent globally. The channel is to host wonderful upcoming Indian chefs.  Successfully provides an international platform. Each dish is unique and has been prepared by bringing together innovative cuisines from different cultures.”

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